Da Lan, constantly creating for the Vietnamese people


The return of the Da Lan brand makes consumers excited to "meet the old people", but not necessarily want to return. The organization of the distribution system of goods to consumers faces many difficulties.

Strong team building and wide distribution network

With multinational corporations with strong capital, the construction of distribution channels is organized quickly and widely. Or they organize staff and mobile trips around the country to continue to market goods. Accompanied by a strong team covering supermarkets, convenient disguises to market products directly to consumers. Both methods are time consuming and expensive.

Mr. Nhon decided to do it in another way, which he said was easier to reach customers. "Products are sold from the factory door to the consumer's door," he said. ICC is divided into 2 markets, a part is organized and distributed in the traditional way, to agents, supermarkets and a part is sold at markets to directly invite customers. ICC has designed for Da Lan 3 types of packaging, different sizes to make a difference. At the traditional markets, ICC organizes booths to invite customers, give them a try, give them promotional gifts and sell them. After closing a market for a few days, this period of time is transferred to another location to continue selling like that. This type of sales is very similar to the kind of Chinese people in Shandong who sold medicine in the past. This method was effective immediately, after organizing such stalls, there are markets in just 6 hours, ICC has sold more than 200 million goods. This is a pretty big number for retail. After three years of sales, ICC's revenue has grown by more than 30% since launch.

Production, production and production…

Mr. Nhon chose another way. “Products are sold from the factory door to the user’s door,” he said. ICC divides the market into two parts, one part is organized with a distribution system in the style of multinational enterprises, that is, building a distribution and agent system. ICC designs products in 3 different packaging types and sizes to make a difference. One form for the supermarket system, retail convenience and the other for mobile sales. That plan, they organize stalls right at traditional markets to directly invite customers, let customers try products, give promotional gifts and sell them. After closing at a market for a few days, this stall will be moved to another location to continue selling like the old Chinese selling medicine in Shandong.

Share with the poor

One of the most impressive things in the career of businessman Trinh Thanh Nhon is always caring and sharing with the poor, with families experiencing natural disasters and tribulations. Every time he heard that the Central region had a flood, causing damage, he immediately called his friends from the press agencies to organize sponsored trips, even when the Da Lan brand was still available, and then came to visit. ICC was always the leader. Then the funding rounds for eye surgery, medical examination and free medicine distribution for poor people... take place regularly thanks to the Red Cross Society or Newspaper Offices. This is also the source of the ICC's strength until now. "Traditionally, it has been like a drill in my blood and flesh," said Mr. Nhon.