Many things you don't know about the legendary phone products that were once associated with our parents' lives


Once upon a time, Thong Nhat bicycle was a proud "war horse", showing the class of all classes, or every family liked the distinctive scent of Co Ba soap. Surely just looking back at them somewhere will make you smile with such a wonderful emotion. Nothing can be more precious than memories, and the memories of the essential products for every home in the 80's and 90's are still there over time.

Our parents used to be like that! Let's go back in time to see what our parents used every day?

1. Soap “Co Ba”

1. “Co Ba” soap For the elderly, no one does not know about Co Ba soap – a soap brand with an embossed image of a beautiful woman. This is the first perfumed soap in Vietnam, used for bathing, and has the power to "beat" French perfumed soap thanks to its good quality and low price.

2. Hynos Toothpaste

Perhaps anyone who lived in Saigon before 1975 is all too familiar with the image of Bay Cha and black skin on the Hynos toothpaste box of owner Vuong Dao Nghia.

3. Da Lan Toothpaste

Da Lan is a Vietnamese brand that has been famous for a while, loved by consumers, once occupied 70% of the domestic toothpaste market share in the years 1993 - 1994. Particularly from Da Nang onwards, it accounts for 90%, "making rain". , blowing up the market, contributing to knocking out the product lines from China.

4. Chuong Duong sassafras

Before 1975, sassafras were very popular in South Vietnam. Most of the southern market at that time were very popular with this product line. This is considered the heyday of Chuong Duong sassafras.

5. Miliket . Two shrimp noodles

Miliket noodles is a brand that holds a dominant position in the food market, with the brand name of 2 shrimps. In the 80s, miliket noodles were considered a delicacy, so it was not always possible to eat miliket noodles. Even when you are sick, you are "nourished" with instant noodles.

6. Fan toad

In the past, the Soviet Union had an "elephant ear" fan, while Vietnam had a "toad" fan. Fan produced by Unified Electromechanical Enterprise. Toad fan, also known as fan 35. Because the selling price at that time was 35 dong. Calculate up to half a month's salary of a civil servant. The fan became the most famous Vietnamese product at that time.

7. Pioneer Sandals

Tien Phong plastic sandals were popular, storming the domestic consumer goods market from the late 80s to the first half of the 90s of the last century. It is a pair of transparent white sandals, with cross straps in front, with aluminum buttons with perforated straps behind, looking simple but quite ... stylish.

8. Thuong Dinh Shoes

For workers in the subsidy period, being given a pair of Thuong Dinh shoes is an indispensable choice in the workwear uniform. Decades of years have passed, the image of the blue Thuong Dinh shoe every year has remained almost unchanged.

9. Thong Nhat Bicycle

The Thong Nhat bicycle was considered a symbol of wealth, success and the dream of many people at that time. At that time, it had to be a wealthy family to be able to own this type of car.

10. Gold Star High

Cao Sao Vang - famous Vietnamese brand not only in the country but also in the Soviet Union and Eastern European countries from the 60s to the 70s of the last century. The "divine" Golden Star high box to Vietnamese people seems to cure all diseases.

Those brands have products that have disappeared, some products are still sold in foreign countries, many products have been taken over by American merchants... As a Vietnamese, if the above products continue to exist in the market, , will you use it?