You may not know, Da Lan is a toothpaste every Vietnamese family uses!


Da Lan toothpaste is a famous Vietnamese brand for a while for Vietnamese consumers. Born in 1988, Da Lan cosmetic toothpaste is a product of Son Hai production facility (the predecessor of Son Hai Chemical Products Co., Ltd).

Da Lan toothpaste accounted for 70% of the country's market share in the 80s and 90s

In the years 1993-1994, Da Lan grew, accounting for nearly 70% of the country's market share. Particularly from Da Nang, it accounted for 90%, which is considered to have contributed to knocking Chinese toothpaste out of the market. Vietnam. Along with P/S, Da Lan are pure Vietnamese brands dominating more than 95% of the national toothpaste market share. Viet brand completely uses the domestic toothpaste market. Chinese ice cream no longer has a living land, being knocked out of the Vietnamese market. Not only strongly consumed in Vietnam, Da Lan ice cream is also exported to Laos, Cambodia and some southern provinces of China.

Used by the whole country, Da Lan becomes the representative toothpaste for Vietnamese people

As a product of good quality and affordable price, Vietnamese people at that time Da Lan toothpaste were not only strongly consumed in large urban areas but also crept into the countryside of the South to the region. North.

When the country transformed from a subsidy to a market economy, the domestic market was flooded with Chinese brands, and very new Vietnamese brands were deceived by close competition. In the meantime, Da Lan toothpaste is really a proud representative of the Vietnamese brand.

Reaching every Vietnamese home is a whole process of Da Lan toothpaste

Initially, Da Lan toothpaste had difficulty in reaching potential customers and businesses. Mr. Trinh Thanh Nhon himself, owner of Son Hai production facility, had to fend for himself, rowing goods to sell from Da Nang down to Ca Mau.

Until the end of 1989, after having the opportunity to participate in an exhibition in Hanoi, Da Lan officially "advanced" to the North and "changed her life" here. Thanks to his skillful persuasion, Mr. Nhon succeeded in attracting small traders from the North, making them agree to sell Da Lan toothpaste instead of Chinese products. As a result, within a week, 1,000 boxes of Da Lan toothpaste were completely consumed.

Good quality, with a unique taste and affordable price, affordable and the packaging is easy to sympathize with the image of a beautiful old man showing his bright white teeth, Da Lan toothpaste quickly gained wide acceptance. widely spread, becoming a "smooth face" product in every store, in each family.

In the period from 1993 to 1994, Da Lan completely dominated the domestic toothpaste market, holding 70% of the country's market share, Da Nang alone became 90% of the market share. As a result, Da Lan is considered the number one "goddess" in driving Chinese ice cream out of the Vietnamese market. Not only strongly consumed in Vietnam, Da Lan ice cream is also exported to Laos, Cambodia and some southern provinces of China.

In 2017, Da Lan toothpaste has had a strong revival and is available at the store near your house. Have you ever wondered, have you forgotten a traditional Vietnamese product that your parents and grandparents loved so much?