Should brush your teeth several times a day


When should I brush my teeth? Three times a day or after eating?

The scientific studies are clear: Brushing properly can help remove plaque for 24 hours. So the best option is before going to bed.

Safe Solution – Twice a Day

Understanding that not everyone knows how to properly care for their teeth, the dental professionals at CURAPROX consider it possible to brush twice a day, time is optional. The reason for this method is that, during the day, we can brush our teeth mainly to remove the remaining substances on the teeth. However, in the evening, people need to take the time to carefully clean their teeth.

Why should you brush your teeth at night?

At night, when sleeping, the body secretes very little foam and the lips almost do not move. Meanwhile, while awake, through eating and drinking and performing other actions, the transport foams were revealed to be similar to maternal movements that helped to remove food residues and mark on the skin. tooth. Therefore, sleep is the most favorable time for bacteria and plaque to grow unhindered. That's why we recommend brushing your teeth thoroughly before going to bed.

Whether you choose to brush your teeth once or twice, you should wait at least 30 minutes after eating, absolutely do not brush your teeth immediately after eating or drinking anything.

Brushing your teeth immediately after eating or drinking actually increases the risk of damage to men.

Wait 30 minutes to allow the water to bubble up at the start of the activity and reduce the acidity. Brushing at this point is much more effective.