Back in the memory, do you know what essential products all Vietnamese people in the 80s and 90s used?


Nowadays, taking care of your appearance is simple because you can buy beauty products at any supermarket or store. However, a few decades ago, beauty was not so easy. The world of Americanization in the 80s and 90s was extremely volatile and the "classic" beauty items of that period became an unforgettable memory for many Vietnamese families.

My parents were also very meticulous about their appearance!

When it comes to beauty, no one does not remember the bottle of hairspray called Prince Saigon, it was also listed as a "veteran" in the beauty industry at that time, when it helped the hair to be styled sustainably despite the weather. However, when using this glue, you have to pay attention to pull your hands or else the hair will be sticky and hard like a rock, difficult to wash off, not to mention this glue also often turns "counterfeit" when the weather is hot.

In addition, domestic soap brands are also trusted by everyone, especially the locust shampoo that helps you have a smooth, black hair in accordance with Asian standards or a multi-purpose soap brand for bathing, wearing, and pants. clothes, washing dishes named My Hao that no one did not know in the period from the 80s to the early 90s. We have a "modern" smell due to industrial production, so we are passionately used by women. daily.

In addition, there are a few Vietnamese brands that have been included in the legendary list, which people often use in those days, such as Ỷ Lan's perfumes, and Jasmine flowers with the gentle fragrance of flowers. Especially, it is worth mentioning that the Co Ba soap originating from the South heaven was captivated by the women community in the 80s and 90s because of its persistent, fresh and fresh scent, making many men have to look at each and every day. when the girls swam by. This is also the only cosmetic chemical that confidently blows away foreign products, representing the spirit of Vietnamese national pride at the time.

The forerunners always show elegant Vietnamese style

In the 80s and 90s of the last century, bicycles were still the main means of transportation on the roads of many families. Bicycles are everywhere, each vehicle is attached with a license plate for management. At that time, Thong Nhat bicycle was a vehicle used by many families, the quality was not inferior to imported bicycles. Thong Nhat bicycle has witnessed and accompanied many Vietnamese people for decades, the price can be up to half a gold tree.

For the rich, owning a watch is enough for others to wish for. Polijit (Soviet Union) watches are bought by people with money. Then, the Japanese SEIKO watch appeared as a big step forward when not having to wind up, displaying the full date, time, month .... Therefore, someone once circulated the joke: “One love you have Senko / two love bicycles Po Gio pick her up”. When going out, the mortar hat is used by many people. But the actual price is very expensive up to 1 gold / piece (in the 1980s). Even, there are times when the price of hats up to nearly 2 gold only.

Molded sandals, Tien Phong plastic sandals and then Laos flip flops are also considered legendary sandals that are considered to be purchased by families with new conditions. With clothes, prominent brands can be mentioned such as Soviet flying shirt, Nato shirt, Thai jeans, Suzhou clothes...

Vietnamese temperament through breath and smile

A friendly smile will make it easier for people to make friends and communicate with each other, the more comfortable you are around someone, the more you will smile. Smiling is a borderless but extremely simple "language" that helps people in a group/community to communicate with each other more. Smile is also compared with the following verse:

"Oh, the laksa leaves eyes

The awkward smile is worth a hundred francs.”

Owning a charming smile is the dream of many people. But the teeth must be beautiful for the smile to be beautiful. Therefore, paying attention to choosing the right cream and taking care of your teeth properly is the secret to a beautiful smile, more confidence in communication and the most perfect way to improve your smile.

In the 80s and 90s, there were 2 types of toothpaste that were always on the shelves of every family. A Hynos toothpaste with the image of a West African man with bright teeth and a friendly toothpaste product named Da Lan soft in accordance with Vietnamese traditions

Smile – if you use it at the right place, at the right time, with the right audience, it becomes invaluable. Smile is the key that opens the door to our communication environment, a way to impress the opposite person, to express our temperament and attitude, not through language but leaving a deep impression.