Secrets of legendary products once associated with our parents' lives


Decades ago, Vietnam had many well-known businesses associated with products such as Co Ba soap, Da Lan toothpaste, Miliket noodles, Chuong Duong sassafras, Thuong Dinh shoes... which were well received by consumers. However, along with the transformation of the economy and integration with the world, many names gradually fell into oblivion or were acquired.

Với uy tín thương hiệu và sự hoài cổ của người tiêu dùng, nhiều thương hiệu hàng chục năm tuổi đang quyết tâm thay đổi, cấu trúc và vực dậy tên tuổi của mình như Wonderfarm, Biti’s, Bông Bạch Tuyết, Miliket, Xá xị Chương Dương,…

Soap Co Ba

With brand reputation and consumer nostalgia, many decades-old brands are determined to change, structure and revive their names such as Wonderfarm, Biti's, Snow White Cotton, Miliket, Xa Xa Chuong. Positive,…

Not only famous throughout the three regions of the North, Central and South, but the Co Ba soap brand is also famous in Mien, Laos... Domestically, the Co Ba soap brand also knocks out Chinese soaps to occupy up to 70 % of consumption market share.

Trong mấy chục năm liền từ khi ra đời năm 1932 đến trước những năm 90 sản phẩm xà phòng Cô Ba tung hoành trên thị trường với mức tiêu thụ “khủng” đến 600 tấn/tháng. Trải qua nhiều thời gian, thương hiệu xà phòng Cô Ba thuộc về công ty bột giặt Phương Đông.

According to Mr. Nguyen Duc Hiep, deputy director of the company, the reason the company continues to produce Co Ba soap is because many elderly people still prefer to use it. "And above all, we want to preserve a traditional brand that has been deeply engraved in people's hearts for more than 80 years," said Mr. Hiep.

Da Lan Toothpaste

There is no market raging time as long as Co Ba soap, but Da Lan toothpaste is also a "famous" Vietnamese brand for Vietnamese consumers. Born in 1988, Da Lan toothpaste is the result of cooperation between engineer Luu Trung Nghia and Son Hai production facility (the predecessor of Son Hai Chemical Co., Ltd.).

As a product of good quality and affordable price, Vietnamese people at that time Da Lan toothpaste were not only strongly consumed in large urban areas but also crept into the countryside of the South to the region. North.

Mr. Trinh Thanh Nhon, General Director of ICC International Cosmeceutical Company, explained for Da Lan's return to the market: "Da Lan is a favorite brand of consumers, once accounted for 70% of the ice cream market share. domestic toothbrushing from 1993 to 1994. Therefore, I have high expectations when bringing Da Lan back to the Vietnamese market.”

Hynos Toothpaste

With the same expectation and determination as Mr. Nhon, Mr. Nguyen Hung Viet, Chairman of the Board of Directors of P/S Joint Stock Company (formerly Director of P/S Chemical Company), also decided to re-produce ice cream. Hynos toothpaste, a product that was as popular as alcohol in the 1960s and 70s in the South.

High gold star

Cao Sao Vang - a famous brand not only in Vietnam but also in the Soviet Union and Eastern European countries from the 60s to the 70s of the last century. The "divine" Golden Star high box to Vietnamese people seems to cure all diseases. I remember in the 80s of the last century, every family had a tall and small box shaped like a golden star outside. Whenever headaches, runny nose, dizziness, motion sickness, abdominal pain, sprains ... use Gold Star high. There are even people who have such high "trust" of Gold Star that whenever they fall ill, they swallow this spicy high...

After a period of silence, OPC Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company and Central Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company 3, two units of Sao Vang high production, have brought this product back to re-export strongly in the market. It is worth mentioning that this product is still gloomy in the country but suddenly popular with foreigners.

The sales volume of Gold Star is always in a state of "sold out" at famous online sales websites such as eBay or Amazon, online pharmaceutical stores in many countries such as the UK, USA, Australia... Even having to buy retail price is about 40,000 VND per box, 10 times more expensive than the domestic price, not to mention the shipping fee that customers still accept. Gold Star Cao is now present in 15 countries around the world.

Truc Bach Beer

Once became a part of Hanoi's image during the subsidy period, but for many reasons, Truc Bach beer has quietly left the market. In 2008, Hanoi Beer Alcohol - Beverage Joint Stock Company (Habeco) restored this brand. The basis for Habeco to expect the return of Truc Bach beer is because the product is still being reminded by many Hanoians. In particular, the product combines the know-how of beer production for more than 120 years and uses ingredients imported from the Czech Republic and France.

It is not easy for a brand that can make consumers "drunk", beat famous foreign brands or compete on price and quality, especially in the context of opening up and integrating. Foreign "big guys" appear more and more with strong financial potential and good governance.

With the efforts and changes in developing and enhancing the products of the "glorious" brands, Vietnamese consumers can fully trust that these products will be "revived" by the brand. the determination of the head of the business will continue to preserve and create a more sustainable brand.

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